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Welcome to the Cross Section Property Calculator. A free, online cross section calculator to determine moment of inertia, centroids, cross section area and polar moment of inertia. Select a shape and enter dimensions to get started.

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About the Cross Section Calculator

Cross Sections

This calculator is includes closed form solutions for the area, centroid, moment of inertia and polar moment inertia for a variety of common cross-sections used in structural design. I beams, C shapes, T shapes, pipes, rods and channel shapes are common AISC steel and aluminum shapes. Use the rectangle shape to calculate the moment of inertia for common wood shapes.

Cross Section Properties

Use Ix and Iy (moment's of inertia) to calculate forces and deflections in common steel and wood beams.

Use the area to determine the weight of a beam based on the density of the material..

Steel, Wood and Concrete Beam Calculator

If you have a steel, wood or concrete beam with complex boundary conditions and loads you can use this tool to calculate cross section properties for use in design calculations. If you're looking for quick and easy structural analysis software to design steel and wood beams, with full design checks via AISC 360, NDS, ASD and LRFD try out our free Beam Design tool. If you don't need design checks, or plan to design by hand check out our Shear & Moment Calculator to help speed up your design calcs.